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Worldwide Partners

Alternative Cafe, HongKong

Located in the busy commercial and residential area partner with a bookstore. Providing good quality good & drink for the people living and working there. Also provides training and internship opportunities for young people to become professional barista.


"Pay It Forward"

Community Cafe,


A community-based cafe which is located in a more rural place in Hong Kong with small community. It provides coffee (free offerings), light meals, board games, workshops to serve neighborhood. 

Pay it Forward_1.jpg

Well Hub,
Bangkok, Thailand


with a local church and professional social workers provides services to the neighborhood especially the youths.

Giving Tree,
Manchester, UK


A coffee house and community hub located in university area, which is a place of welcome for people of all languages and cultures, a place of refuge and of hospitality, and a safe place to explore faith and life.

Located in university area served young people there.
(closed down)


Coffee Connect,
Sichuan, China

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